Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the final week

We’re wrapping up the support raising part of our mission trip. We have less than a thousand dollars left to raise, but less than a week to do it in! If you were planning to make a donation, please mail it to us right away, and drop us an e-mail letting us know it’s coming. Please be praying for the money to come in. We’ve already had one cool story. We didn’t make the last deadline and had to write a personal check. It was a decent sized amount, too! We waited as long as we could, but had to send it in the mail. Less than a week later, we were handed a check for the exact amount we had sent ourselves! Our check hadn’t been processed, yet, so they sent it back. God is so amazing. We’re excited to see how this final week of raising financial support plays out.

This week we’re taking care of some other business, as well. We will be visiting the health clinic and getting all of our immunizations up to date. We also are sending in visa applications. Please be praying that all the forms were filled out correctly and there are no delays for any members of our team.

In the coming weeks we will be making sure we have all of our supplies, and figuring out how to pack everything. We’ll be going through our notebooks and reviewing the lessons that we will be teaching. Most importantly, we will be covering this trip in prayer. Will you pray with us?

We’re praying that the Lord will work in our lives and bring us closer to Him and closer to each other. Praying that our team will be unified and healthy for the whole trip. Praying that the people we meet will see Christ through us and the team. Praying that they will take step to a greater understanding of our Savior and that many will put their faith in Him. We’ll be praying that through this trip the Lord will continue to reveal Himself and His plans for our lives.

While we’re overseas, we will have limited internet access. If we are able, we will send out a note or two. You’ll definitely be hearing from us when we get back. We’re fairly sure that we’ll have many stories of our amazing God and the work that He is doing in Asia.

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