Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fuuny Things Kids Say

My kids are hilarious. Here are some more funny things they've said in recent weeks.

At Grandma's house releasing a jar full of baby praying mantids:
Veronica: Will they eat me?
Grandma: No, they're too little to eat you.
Veronica: Will they eat half of me?

Eating ice cream at a birthday party:
Veronica: Where's your ice cream?
Friend: I ate it.
Veronica: Can I see it?
Friend: No. I ate it.
Veronica: Why can't I see it?
Friend (switching tactics): Can I see your ice cream?
Veronica: No. I ate it.
Friend: Why can't I see it?
Veronica: You're too big to fit in my mouth.

At breakfast recently:
Quinlan: Is a fork an inclined plane?
Zachary: No, a fork is a lever, watch my eggs fly!


Elise Bass said...

Hahaha!! That's hilarious. My kids make me laugh on a daily basis. :) Sometimes I think it's my youngest daughters mission in life to make me laugh. :)

Penny Penguin said...

Those are so funny! Oh my goodness- I laughed out loud!