Monday, June 15, 2009

the game

Last week we went to the Saltdogs game. They're the Lincoln minor league baseball team. Our friend Gene was doing an exhibition and he got paid with free tickets. We got great seats, and only paid for one of our tickets! It was also $1 hot dog night, so we even enjoyed some food from the concession stand.

It was great to teach our kids game etiquette- sit instead of stand, no yelling, don't bonk the head in front of you, etc. They even paid a little bit of attention to the game. But mostly we were there to see Gene and Mabel. They did great!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fuuny Things Kids Say

My kids are hilarious. Here are some more funny things they've said in recent weeks.

At Grandma's house releasing a jar full of baby praying mantids:
Veronica: Will they eat me?
Grandma: No, they're too little to eat you.
Veronica: Will they eat half of me?

Eating ice cream at a birthday party:
Veronica: Where's your ice cream?
Friend: I ate it.
Veronica: Can I see it?
Friend: No. I ate it.
Veronica: Why can't I see it?
Friend (switching tactics): Can I see your ice cream?
Veronica: No. I ate it.
Friend: Why can't I see it?
Veronica: You're too big to fit in my mouth.

At breakfast recently:
Quinlan: Is a fork an inclined plane?
Zachary: No, a fork is a lever, watch my eggs fly!