Thursday, February 26, 2009


So, apparently our week hasn't been stressful enough. On Tuesday night I logged into our online banking account to balance the checkbook and pay some bills. What's this? A $2000 overdraft! It turns out that someone hacked into our paypal account, added a new address to my profile, bought some computer equipment, and tried to stick us with the bill!
We're currently working through a dispute with paypal. Our bank is being very kind and is waiving the overdraft fee. Apparently even with a a dispute on file, paypal still tries the account a couple of times, so our kind teller is keeping an eye on our account for us, ready and waiting to waive more fees.
A few years ago Greg decided to open a second checking account. We use it soley to for paypal and other online purchases. We only transfer money to it as we use the account. It's sort of a Dave Ramsey version of a credit card. :) I'm so thankful that we had it set up like this and it's not our main bank account that's being afected. If you make online purchases, I really reccommend getting a separate account just for those! It's a time like this when it really comes handy!

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