Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My week in Prayer Requests

Sent 2-20:
Some of you know a little bit about what has been happening in our family this week. A quick recap and then our prayer request for the weekend.

On Wednesday I noticed that one side of Eleanor's neck was slightly swollen and sensitive to touch. Thinking it was her lymph nodes and she probably had an ear infection I took her in and we saw the PA. It turns out that she and the boys had strep throat. All the kids were put on antibiotics, and she was also put on ibuprofin to help with the inflammation.

Her swelling has actually gotten worse over the last two days and I took her back today. We saw our doctor and he is thinking that she has an abcessed lymph node. She's on the right meds and we also get to apply heat. That could cause the abcess to rupture and drain, which would probably be good for it. I have to call back on Monday with a progress report. If it hasn't gotten any better, we'll be referred to a specialist with the thought that it could be a cyst.

Please be praying that we can see some improvement this weekend and that she will start feeling better. Having it drain would confirm that it is only an abcess and move things along more quickly. If it does drain, that we would take care of it properly. That come Monday the doctor will know exactly what direction to head with this. Also, I have not been handling things well with little sleep and an irritible baby. We need God's peace to descend upon our house!

Thanks, everyone

Sent 2-23:
We've appreciated all of the prayers, care, and concern over the last several days. Prayers are powerful and effective. Even with the continued lack of sleep, my attitude today has been quite a bit better than it was on Friday. I know it's because of the Lord.

Well, the abcess on Eleanor's neck looked really close to popping yesterday, but it never happened. Today it looked kind of scabby instead of ready to pop. We've been referred to an ENT and have an appointment for Tuesday morning at 10:30.

Please pray for Eleanor to get some good sleep tonight (so we can all get some good sleep tonight). Please pray for the appointment tomorrow- that this is something that can be taken care of right there. And mostly that Eleanor will be healed soon so she can go back to being the happy baby she's trying so hard to be right now.

Lynnette (and fam)

Sent 2-24:
I've heard it said that God doesn't give you more than He knows you can handle. I think the past 24 are a case to prove that point!

Eleanor's abcess spontaneously ruptured overnight! Quite a bit of stuff came out and it's a lot smaller today than it has been all week. Our doctor still wanted us to keep the appointment with the ENT. If it hadn't reuptured, we'd be in the operating room right now getting it removed. As things stand right now, we're to keep her on antibiotics while it's healing and continue monitoring it. If there are any other pockets in there it should be evident within a couple of days and we'll go in and have them removed at that point.

Thank you all so much for the prayer support you have been giving us. Please pray for continued sleep, rest, and peace (for her and me!) Pray that everything has come out and for proper healing. Since it ruptured on it's own, there's a chance for scarring, please pray that it will be minimal (or at least coverable when she gets hair!).

Lynnette (and the rest)

Our week in photos:
Eleanor's Abcess


3cookieday said...

Poor kid. That looks painful. I'm glad it ruptured last night for her sake and yours! I hope her appointment went well.
Julie L.

Kristen Borseth said...

Am praying for you all. It is so hard to see little ones suffer. It is also hard to continue giving care with little sleep. I hope you have a chance to take a break, and especially that you would get a good nights rest. Love.