Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And She's Mobile...

Last fall when Eleanor rolled over for the first time I lamented the loss in knowing where she would be fifteen minutes after setting her down. Luckily for me, after she rolled over a few times she thought that was enough. She didn't like being on the ground, she wanted to sit up so she could look around at all the action! It took a bit of practice, but she was soon sitting up all by herself and playing with anything she could reach. Now, she's started scooting across the floor. She's been trying for a few weeks, but was mostly spinning. The last several days have brought quite the improvement in her scooting abilities. The other kids are amazed when she comes up and topples their towers or grabs their cards. She can even reach things that are sitting on top of the coffee table! Just now, I pulled one of Veronica's barretts out of her mouth. Where do all these little things come from, and why is the baby always the one to find them? (I'm trying to get a video posted of her scooting. It's taking some time, though. Check back later!)

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