Friday, November 7, 2008

Knights in Plastic Armor

We had a great time getting costumes ready for Halloween this year. Zachary and Quinlan were knights. I cut out shields out of foam board and the boys decorated them. Greg made some awesome swords that we spray painted- they look pretty real! We purchased helmets and breastplates from the dollar store. Some towels for capes and they were ready! Veronica was the princess they were to protect. She kept taking her tiara off, but was still pretty cute.
We took the kids to some friends for dinner. We visited a few of their neighbors then made our annual trek to the Ambassador, a nursing home not too far away. The residents love seeing the kids all dressed up. There are several people we've come to recognize from years past and it's good that the experience isn't just about the candy.
The next day we had a medieval feast! What a project that was! Zachary made most of the mincemeat pie. Quinlan didn't like cutting the meat because it was too yucky, and he didn't like stirring the fruit because it was too hot. So he watched. :) Zachary had a great time running the food processor and helping with every dish that we ate. There was a lot of food and it was all actually pretty good. We won't be doing this every year, but it was fun to have something different.
If you want to see more fall pictures, check out picasa. I've put some photos up there and hope to keep that pretty well updated.

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Anonymous said...

so cute! i am happy you started this blog! oops - little man is awake and hungry! gotta go!