Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Mommy Ever

This morning when I woke up, my husband looked at me and said, "You're the best mommy." Before you think Greg has suddenly grown sentimental, let me tell you about my night. Basically, I slept on a crib mattress, with an infant, in a room full of vomiting children. If you're squeamish, stop reading now! Only experienced mothers need continue!

Yesterday Quinlan fell asleep on the couch after lunch. Yup, he had a fever. Normally, I love it when my kids have a fever- it brings their energy levels down to within range of most other kids. :) After dinner they all started complaining about stomach aches. I thought they were just trying to get out of working. I even found Zachary in his bed instead of cleaning up the toys covering the hallway. Well, we were working, when suddenly Veronica starts vomiting. (Why is it always the two year old? They can't even pee in the potty chair, how can I expect them to vomit there?) Thankfully, she was sitting on a huge plastic road, so we were able to throw that in the tub and clean it off. Afterwards she seemed fine. Then she vomited again. This time I carried her (leaving a trail) to the bathroom (thankfully we missed Eleanor). Of course, by the time we got there, she was done! So we just decided to put everyone to bed early. You guessed it, she vomited all over her bed. So I brought her down on the couch where she vomited twice more. We decided that she and I would stay down here so I could take care of her, and Greg could get some sleep. When he went in to check on the boys, Greg discovered that Zachary had vomited all over himself. Several times, apparently. So the activity level in our house around eleven last night, was pretty intense as we showered Zachary, stripped his bed, started laundry, and moved Veronica upstairs. We pulled the crib mattress on to the floor in their room, and that's where I "slept." Veronica vomited a few more times, Zachary vomited again. To complicate all of this, Eleanor woke up at midnight, and Greg brought her in to me. She then proceeded to wake up every two hours all night long. I think I was up ten times, not counting the times I didn't get out of bed- I just heard kids moving around and got nervous it was going to start again. Everyone woke up a little before seven, and the kids have had diarrhea today. You know what your night was like when you're thinking of diarrhea as an "improvement!"

So, if I didn't earn the "best mommy ever" award last night, I don't think I even want to know what I have to do to get it!

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