Wednesday, August 5, 2015


"I feel closer to God when I run." Eric Liddell (I think?)
When I was in high school (pre Christian days), I stopped listening to the radio. I've always had a hard time picking out the lyrics, anyways, but when I could figure out what they were saying...I wasn't too impressed. I began building my CD library of classical music. Music that makes you close your eyes and breathe deeply. Music that seeps I to your being with it's pain and anguish. Music that lifts you to soar among the clouds.
Obviously, music is my "running." I feel closer to God when I hear good music- with or without lyrics.
Finding a thing that brings me closer to God is vitally important. Taking the time to be close to Him refreshes my spirit. It brings a depth of peace and rest. A depth that lasts longer than a ten minute break to play on facebook or thirty minutes to watch a show. It's the depth of peace that transforms my heart into something that more resembles Him, something maybe even filled with love and joy and kindness. A depth that will get me through a crazy day, a frustrating day, or a monotonous day.
Music brings me closer to God. What's your thing?

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