Monday, August 2, 2010

I Miss Ice Cream

My baby can't tolerate dairy. That means that I don't get to eat any. None. Not even the amount of dairy that's in  a seasoning packet of ramen noodles, or the amount of dairy that's in artificial flavorings in coke. It's been a long six months, but the end is in sight. Now, instead of vomitting all over me when I've had dairy, she just cries and wakes up in the middle of the night. Still not fun, but an improvement! I've been thinking about the things I miss most, and thought I would share.

I miss eating other people's food without having to ask, "what's in this?"
I miss ice cream.
I miss cheese on my pizza.
I miss chocolate.
I miss eating bread without reading the labels to find out which one is dairy-free.
I miss ice cream.
I miss butter.
I miss eating fancy food at weddings. (I had to trade my garlic/bacon mashed potatoes for my kids' french fries)
I miss ice cream.
I miss cheesecake.
I miss eating all the egg casseroles that are brought to MOPS.
I miss frosting. Wedding cake just isn't the same without it.
I miss using cream of mushroom soup- the soy substitute just isn't the same.
I miss ice cream.
I miss cream in my coffee.
I miss ice cream.

Eleanor started handling dairy better around nine months. Roselyn is currently seven months. I'm counting down. My hope is that I can eat whatever I want by Thanksgiving. Just in time to pack on a bunch of weight with the cheesy party potatoes, the french silk pie, the pink fluff, the artichoke spinach dip, before heading into Christmas season and eating all the fudge I want. I figure I deserve it after giving up ice cream for the summer.


Jen said...

I'm in the same boat with Emily. She had terrible rashes and cracked, bleeding skin until we took her to a pediatric allergist who told us she's allergic to eggs, dairy, and peanuts. So she and I have been on a vegan+meat diet since April.

I miss ice cream. I miss cheese. I miss being able to just order something at or eat whatever family members have made for dinner. But then I look at Emi and remember that I love her way more than I miss ice cream and I find the strength to go one more day

Wendy said...

I well recall those days--But check out Ivanna Cone in the Haymarket. They have different flavors every day, but always have 3 that are dairy-free (and also soy, nut, etc)! Last time I had mango-peach sorbet and it was fantastic. And, it's cheaper than most other ice cream stores (kid cone/dish $1).