Friday, April 30, 2010

Nap Time

My almost-two-year-old does not like being putting down for her naps. Now that she's getting more verbal she has also grown more sophisticated in her manipulation of me during our nap time routine. I stand by the crib and pat her back for a minute or two before lying her down. She used to point at the rocking chair, then progressed to verbalizing "rock me, rock me" Probably because once I sit down, the rocking and patting lasts a little bit longer. :)

Her language skills have continued to grow, and now she has enough skill to be able to ask for a song. A few minutes ago, I was rocking her before nap time and she was so tired that she was already falling asleep in my arms. I shifted so I could stand and move her to her bed and she opened her eyes and mumbled "Jesus Loves Me" in an obvious attempt to delay nap time (even though she was already asleep).

Yes, baby doll, Jesus does love you. I pray that each and every day you will grow in your understanding of just how much He loves you. I pray that as parents, we can model His love in way that is real and significant to your little life. I pray that His love will carry you through your teens and into adult hood. I pray that you will always find your love and satisfaction in Him and Him alone. Yes, Jesus loves you.

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