Thursday, January 7, 2010


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It's that time of year, well past that time of year, when we make resolutions. I was curious about the word resolution and found the definition here. Here's my conclusion: Resolution- Resolved- "to make a firm decision about." So resolutions aren't wishy washy things we hope for in the new year. Resolutions are something we're decided upon, we're firm about it, it's something we want and are seeking after. Can you even remember the resolutions you made last year? I can't. I guess I wasn't very firm about them.

One thing I have always struggled with and always seek to be better about is my daily time in the Word of God. I'm not very consistent. Oh, sure, I'll have weeks, even months, where I make the time to read and pray at least five times a week. But as soon as I struggle a little bit, it's gone and takes months and months to get back to it.

One of the most important "rules" of resolutions or goals is to have a specific plan. It's also important to have goals that are measurable. This year, I intend to read through a one-year Bible reading plan. (I'll be using a One Year Bible.) Last time I tried this it took two years (but I did it!). This time around, I've conned, um asked, a few friends into reading with me. We'll meet each week to share how God spoke to us through His Word. Specific and measurable. Great. Now how to make it work in my crazy life?

Reading the Bible in one year really only requires about fifteen minutes a day. But I need it to be quiet for those fifteen minutes and I have five kids. How do you get five little ones to sit quietly for fifteen minutes? The same way you get Mama to sit quietly for fifteen minutes- give them each a Bible! It's been really fun this week to see them each with their Bibles. I've asked them at the end what they learned, and the responses have been (mostly) great. After just a few days, they can sit quietly for about ten minutes. Usually, it's Eleanor that's trying to get up, but she's already doubled her time from the five minutes she did the first day. So, now my goal is for them to sit quietly for thirty minutes, and I might get some praying and journaling in, too!

What are you resovled to improve upon this year? How are you going to make it specific and measurable? How are you going to make it work in your life? I'm excited to hear from you!

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