Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas photo cards arrived the day before Thanksgiving. It's not that I'm that organized, it's that I found a great deal to take advantage of to motivate us to get that photo taken! So, I worked on our letter and had it ready to go a week later. Did it get printed then? nope. I e-mailed it to absolutely everyone in my contacts list a week ago (and cut down on the number that need to be printed and mailed). Did it get printed then? nope. I finished addressing and stamping all the envelopes this weekend. Did it get printed then? nope. So, here we are, six hours away from having a baby. Is it printed yet? nope. Finding time to get to a color printer amidst the cleaning and prepping for normal life is crazy enough. Add Christmas to the mix and it takes me a little longer each year. Add getting ready for baby #5 to all of that chaos and I've decided to give up! I'm going to include a little printed note with the link to this site. Why didn't I think of this three weeks ago? Oh well. Next year, I'll probably print it right on the photo cards! The December chaos will be a little lighter in the future, but we also have a birthday to celebrate from now on, too. Without further ado, here is the much anticipated Hendrickson family Christmas letter. May it make you smile. :)

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