Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crayon + Dryer = One Big Mess

What a crazy morning. I woke up with good intentions. Made my to-do list and filled in a schedule. At breakfast the kids were all on board with getting a few things done so we could make a trip to the library and the store. Then we went upstairs and I started unloading the dryer. What's this? Red stuff all over the laundry! A crayon went through the wash! Now the inside of my dryer is pink and a whole load of clothes is pink and red spotted. There went my plans for the day!

I spent some time this morning inside my dryer with a Magic Eraser. I got most of it out. I'm trying a concoction I found on this website to get the crayon out of the clothes. Hopefully, everything will turn out well. Life with my kids is never boring!

Update: The "recipe" I used got all the pink tinge out of the clothes, and faded most of the spots after soaking for a day. However, some of the worst spots (mostly on white parts) are still there. Now we're down to a hand full of ruined clothes instead of a whole load!

They've played a lot more today than they usually do because of this unexpected turn. Here's one funny story. I'm not sure what they were playing- maybe zoo keeper or some such thing (at least I hope so!)

Veronica- I have to go potty.
Zachary- You can just go in there. (as I bonk my head on the top of the dryer)
Veronica- No, I have to go for real.
Zachary- Well, let's see, if you have to go for real you can...
Mama- If she has to go for real, she can go in the potty chair!
Zachary- Oh yeah.

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