Tuesday, September 1, 2009


This week we added our unit studies to the basics of our homeschool day. Throughout the year, we have Bible time, reading/language, and math daily. In the summer we spend more time outside visiting the zoo and the parks, being with friends and family. Now that the public schools are back in session, it was time to do some planning and put the kids to work!

Last week I looked through my Konos Curriculum book and decided upon a unit for this fall. It should take us right into December. At that point we will spend a couple of weeks on Christmas projects. The baby will come sometime right before Christmas, too. Later this fall, I'll need to sit down and do the planning for the first half of the spring semester because I'll be too tired to do it in January!

Our main unit for this fall is "Orderliness." The children will learn about a variety of topics from sequencing, to classifying, to organizing, to calendars. I'm looking forward to many of the projects that we will be working on. Our first sub-unit is creation. God made the world in a certain order. Each day this week, we are reading through Genesis 1 and focusing on one day. We're making a creation booklet with a page for each day. This has been a hit so far! We'll do it this weekend, too, and take Monday off.

What's great about this unit, and really the curriculum that we've chosen, is how inexpensive this year of school is going to be. Last year I purchased the book, which has about 2.5 years worth of unit studies. My expected expenses for this fall are negligible- art supplies that we have on hand, general school supplies I purchased cheaply in the past month, and of course, an infinite number of library books! I think the cost of my planned field trips is free as well.

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