Monday, September 28, 2009

God Loves Me

A simple truth has pierced my heart this weekend. It's something my head knew, heck, it's even a children's song! But these past few days, it has penetrated deep into my soul. God loves me.

God loves me. He loves all of me. Just as I am. Without doing anything. Without being anything. He loves me more than anything. He dances over me. He delights in my soul. God loves me.

I went to a MOPS convention this weekend. It seemed like every session, workshop, and worship set was the Lord whispering to me. I don't know what the other 4,000+ women were doing there, but it's clear to me that the Lord had me in mind when He told those on the stage what to say. :) God loves me.

His love is bigger and deeper than anything I've ever dreamed of or imagined. His love has covered me and all of my sin. There is no need to continually place myself on the alter of sacrifice- Jesus already did so. I can bask in His love and delight without having to perform for the honor. I can be and do the things that He calls me to without pressure, because no matter how it turns out or what anybody else says, He loves me. He loves me for the effort, but not because of it. He loves me because He made me as a unique creation. He made me to shine out in this dark world. He made me to be filled with the fullness of Christ. He made me to fill me with His love. God loves me.

His love calls me to something deeper. It calls me to a relationship with Him. It calls me to experience Him in new and exciting ways. It calls me to rest in Him. It calls me to lay my burdens down. It calls me to cast all my crowns at His feet. It calls me to speak out. It calls me to share with others. It calls me to be more than I am alone. God loves me.

Do you know it, too? Do you know that He is calling your name. "Come" and I will give you rest. "Come" and delight in me. "Come" and know that I am God. God loves you.

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Audra said...

how beautiful! I'm linking to this post.