Monday, September 7, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say

I could probably write a whole blog devoted to the hilarity that spews from my children's mouths. Here's some fun stuff we've heard in recent weeks.

Grandma and a friend each have a border collie. At a family gathering at Grandma's house I overheard this...
Veronica: Here, his name is Chester, but when he's at Gene and Whitney's, we call him Mabel

An announcement at church about an upcoming Men's Retreat
Quinlan: Daddy, what's a "ninja treat?"
Greg: No, he said "men's retreat"
Quinlan: Oh, is that where all the daddy's get snacks?

At the State Fair after visiting the photography exhibit to see Daddy's entries, and the birthing pavillion with the baby chicks
Zachary: The only thing that can make this fair any more interesting is if we get to ride the ferris wheel.

We visited a friend who's expecting. She came on the porch to greet us holding her three month old niece.
Veronica (turning around excitedly): They DID have their baby!

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